Elevator Floors in StonePly

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Stone elevator floors provide a beautiful high quality look and feel in a low maintenance material.

StonePly Stone Elevator Floors

Elevator floor with three stone types.

The problems with traditional stone elevator floors: Installation of traditional stone floors involves putting down a plywood substrate, metal lath, wet mortar bed and then installing the stone. The process is slow and messy and the finished elevator floor is thick, heavy and brittle.

The StonePly solution:

Common Stones for Elevator Floors


  • Thin. When installing stone on an elevator floor, floor height can be a concern. Elevator floors are typically not recessed enough for traditional stone flooring. Building up a traditional stone elevator floor can create a trip hazard. The thinner and lighter StonePly panels save space and allow for a smooth floor transition.
  • Energy saving. By being about 1/8 the weight of traditional stone flooring, StonePly reduces the load on the elevator. The energy savings from not moving an extra 600 lbs up and down multiple times a day, day after day can be considerable.
  • Strong. With the ability to flex and a much higher impact resistance than solid stone, elevator floors with StonePly resist impacts and day to day vibration better than solid stone floors.
  • Simple. StonePly elevator floors can be cut and installed with basic carpentry tools. With no mortar or "wet" trades the installation of a new elevator floor is cleaner, dryer, and much faster.
  • Beautiful. Stone used for flooring in a lobby can be matched for the elevator floors. Floor patterns can range from simple designs to complex custom water jet cut patterns, medallions, or logos.

Additional advantages:

Elevator renovation.For elevator renovation, the lightweight, prefabricated StonePly panels can be easily carried in and quickly installed with minimal downtime. With the simplified StonePly system, the stone installation can be handled by carpenters or handymen.

New elevators. For new elevator construction, the production of the cab shell can be separated from the production of the walls and floor. This allows for both to progress simultaneously and be assembled on site. Complex cab designs can be installed after completion of the elevator cab shell.


Walls of elevators are easily installed with StonePly panels and Z clips. Elevator floors are typically thin ¼" plywood attached to the metal floor with screws and adhesive. The StonePly elevator floor panels are then mounted with adhesive or concealed tabs.

StonePly Stone Elevator Floor Medallion

Elevator floor with stone medallion of three marble varieties.

Case Study

Don't just take our word for it: see our case study of Padre Hotel to see how they used StonePly panels to achieve a gorgeous elevator interior.

Padre Hotel Elevator Interior

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