Available Stone Finishes

The following stone finishes are available from StonePly. Don't see what you want? Contact us - we do custom stone finishes on request.


A smooth, reflective finish. The polished stone finish brings out the rich colors of the stone and enhances natural pattern and veining.

Diamond Sawn

A honed granite finish, smooth but without the reflective level of finish that polished stone has.

Thermal or Flamed

A rough granite finish that highlights the sparkling crystals of granite


A smooth but non-reflective finish that brings out the natural colors and variations of the stone. Lighter in color than polished.


Lightly textured stone finish


Saw marks remain as slight grooves.

Pin Stripe

Unique to StonePly, pinstripe features parallel alternating polished stripes and sawn grooves


A rough beaten stone finish with fractured texture. Bush Hammered surface requires a thicker stone face on the StonePly.

Bush-Hammer Antique

This stone finish is similar to Bush Hammered, but with a washed look to the recesses. Like Bush Hammered, this texture requires a thicker stone face on the StonePly.


Lighter in color than polished stone, sandblasted stone has a light sanded texture.

Split & Dressed

This stone finish features a cleft stone face with smooth edges.

Rock Pitch

Rugged and rough stone face finish.


Parallel grooves sawn across the face of the stone


Small stone pieces set as a mosaic on honeycomb panel.