Stone Panels

What are StonePly Stone Panels?

StonePly Stone Panels are thin panels of real natural stone on a reinforcing backing material. There are three primary types:

  • StonePly HC Stone Panels are stone on a super strong and stiff aluminum honeycomb backing.
  • StonePly ACM Stone Panels are real stone on a thin aluminum composite backing.
  • StonePly Translucent Stone Panels are real stone on a glass or polycarbonate backing.

What are the advantages of StonePly stone panels?

Meeting Deadlines

Design Speed
The StonePly system of building cladding takes less time to design than traditional masonry. StonePly cladding panels offer designers and engineers pre-engineered strength capabilities and pre-designed anchorage systems. This eliminates the variables of solid stone cladding that can slow down the design and engineering process. In addition, StonePly offers a high degree of engineering and design assistance to speed the cladding design process.
Fabrication Speed
StonePly panels and components can be pre fabricated as other work progresses. The stone cladding panels can arrive at the site prepared and ready to install. As a single source supplier StonePly cladding panels help maintain the schedule of the project.
Installation Speed
With its high strength and low weight, one man can easily pick up a 4'×4' panel of StonePly stone cladding. The lightweight of StonePly allows installers to cover more area faster than with heavy thick stone cladding materials. Fast erection of the cladding lessons weather and material damage during erection, reduces the contractor's risks and costs, and gets the finished building to market and earning income faster.
All Weather, Year-Round Installation
StonePly stone panels are installed using z clips or screws and do not require field applied mortar or epoxy. Because StonePly cladding panels are fabricated under factory controlled conditions and use no mortar or grout for installation, they can be installed year-round. Harsh winter weather and rain have minimal impact on the production and installation schedule. Visit our installation page

Design Choices

Unlimited Stone Options: StonePly Stone Panels
With StonePly architects and designers can select from almost any stone, from almost anywhere in the world. Select from granite, marble, limestone, travertine, alabaster, onyx, sandstone, slate, etc. Visit our stone options page
Stone finishes include polished, honed or custom finishes. Visit our finish options page
Names, emblems, logos, signs and other custom designs can be sandblasted are etched into the panels to create unique accents and elements.


Creating the stone panel components a controlled factory provides superior level of quality assurance.

  • StonePly panels offer a high quality cladding.
  • StonePly stone panels have 60 times the impact strength of solid stone panels
  • StonePly stone panels weigh 80% less than solid stone panels
  • StonePly stone panels have been tested to wind speeds of over 300 mph.
  • StonePly stone panels pass the large missile impact test requirements for hurricane resistant structures
  • StonePly panels are impervious to moisture penetration, which can be a real problem with typical masonry construction. StonePly minimizes moisture mold and mildew concerns.
  • StonePly panels offer earthquake resistance. Unlike stone slabs, StonePly panels are ductile and can flex without breaking.
  • StonePly panels offer blast resistance when used as the exterior building envelope

Certified Quality

StonePly panels use stone from certified quarries to create panels which have been thoroughly tested and inspected. No cladding material can match StonePly's weather resistance, durability and strength. These benefits continue to pay off long after the building construction is completed.


Optimize Usable Square Footage
StonePly stone wall panels offer a highly efficient thin cross-section that maximizes interior floor space and provide more space for insulation.


StonePly cladding panels hold up to what nature can send its way. Long lasting and low maintenance, StonePly panels are the most durable stone cladding panels available.

Minimal Disruption

Lightweight StonePly stone panels minimize site congestion and can reduce the need for heavy equipment at the jobsite. This can be a major benefit in re-cladding existing buildings or in urban locations. Often, re-cladding can take place while the building is in use.

Low Maintenance

Minimal maintenance requirements are needed thanks to natural stones durability and aluminums corrosion resistance. Most stone panels will only required re-caulking every 15 to 20 years to maintain reliability. The StonePly stone panels practically eliminate the possibility of moisture penetration and efflorescence of the stone. The waterproof nature of the StonePly stone panels helps alleviate the concerns of moisture penetration, mold and mildew.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are top concerns when planning a new facility and StonePly stone panels offer several advantages over all other cladding materials.

Severe Weather Protection

Impact resistant and strong StonePly panels have been tested to category 5 hurricane force wind speeds and beyond. Large missile impact testing has proven StonePly panels ability to stand up to high wind conditions. Granite and Marble panel wind load information - StonePly

Seismic Safety

The ductile nature of StonePly stone panels allows for safe use of natural stone cladding in earthquake prone regions. Testing for racking, sheer and vibration has proven StonePly's durability in the most severe earthquakes. Seismic information for Granite and Marble panels - StonePly

Fire Safety

StonePly is fabricated from noncombustible materials, natural stone and aluminum combined with a very small amount of aviation quality epoxy. StonePly stone panels offer a flame spread classification of Class A. In addition to the fire resistant nature of StonePly, the panels will not break and shatter into heavy pieces of stone as can happen with traditional stone high-rise cladding during a fire.

Environmentally Friendly

StonePly stone panels can help a structure reduce its environmental impact while providing a safe, comfortable and healthy building. StonePly and the Ecology - Technical Bulletin


StonePly stone panel meets many of the criteria used for the LEED standards. StonePly reduces transportation cost, increases building insulation, uses recycled material and can be recycled. Because of natural stones high durability fewer chemicals are needed to keep it clean and maintain. LEED and StonePly - Technical Bulletin


StonePly panels provide high energy efficiency. The StonePly panels offer a high-performance radiant barrier in insulating air space in within the panel reinforcement itself. The thinner panel allows for more installation to be used for the wall cavity in the moisture resistance of StonePly stone panels helps minimize the concerns of wetting of the insulation.

Indoor Air Quality

Using StonePly stone panels helps ensure that the building users will have a safe and healthy indoor environment. Its ability to minimize moisture penetration helps reduce the risk that mold growth can occur and it emits almost no out gassing that can cause poor indoor air-quality

Efficient HVAC Use

Because StonePly eliminates worries about moisture penetration, HVAC use can be reduced when the building is unoccupied for long periods without risking mold growth. The radiant barrier that StonePly provides helps keep radiant heat out in the summer and radiant heat in the winter, which can help reduce the load on the HVAC.